§ 15-101. Definitions.
   In this Chapter, the following definitions apply:
   (1)   Convert and Conversion mean a change to the physical characteristics or use of land, if the change, or any grant or agreement necessary to effectuate the change, requires authorization by ordinance of City Council under the Home Rule Charter.
   (2)   Outdoor Park or Recreation Land means land (a) that was under the jurisdiction of the former Fairmount Park Commission or former Recreation Department as of June 30, 2009, or is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and (b) used for outdoor public park or outdoor recreation activity. For example, without limitation, "outdoor park or recreation land" includes the following, where each is owned or held by the City for public use or enjoyment: woods; hiking trails; recreation paths; picnic areas; lawns; gardens; baseball, softball and other athletic fields; outdoor fountains and plazas; horseback riding corrals; playgrounds; outdoor tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts. "Outdoor park or recreation land" does not include the following:
      (a)   Land occupied by any building or other structure enclosed by a roof and walls at the time this Section became law, but the land surrounding the building or structure is outdoor park or recreation land.
      (b)   Land acquired by the City under Philadelphia Code Chapter 16-400 unless the City by ordinance specifies that the City is acquiring the land for outdoor park or recreation activity or the City by later ordinance designates the land for outdoor park or recreation activity.
   (3)   Transfer means a change in physical or legal care, custody or control of land, regardless of the form of written document used to accomplish the change, if authorization by ordinance of City Council is required under the Home Rule Charter for the change.
   (4)   Transferee means (a) for purposes of a conversion, the Department of Parks and Recreation or the Department of Public Property; or (b) the party to whom the physical or legal care, custody, or control of land is proposed to be transferred.