§ 13-504. Single Connections Required.
   (1)   Not more than one dwelling shall be supplied with water from a single connection or ferrule except with the written approval of the Water Department.
   (2)   Whenever two or more premises have been supplied from a single connection or ferrule, and one or more of the owners or occupants of the premises becomes delinquent in the payment of water rent or permits water to flow unnecessarily or to leak from any pipe, fixture or appliance therein, the Water Department may shut off the supply of water to the premises.
      (a)   Such supply shall not be renewed until:
         (.1)   a separate connection is installed for each premise;
         (.2)   the delinquent water rents are paid;
         (.3)   the leakage is repaired; and
         (.4)   the unnecessary flow of water is stopped.
   (3)   Whenever the owner of one or more premises which have been supplied from a single ferrule makes application to discontinue the use of water, the owner of any other premises served from this ferrule shall install a separate connection.