§ 10-704. Litter on Sidewalks.
   (1)   Persons owning or occupying private premises shall make reasonable efforts to keep the sidewalk in front of such premises free of litter.
   (2)   Any place of business which sells prepared or prepackaged food for takeout or consumption off the premises shall provide a receptacle for waste and a separate receptacle for recycling within ten (10) feet of the public entrance to the business during the business' normal hours of operation. 177
   (3)   The Department may enter into an agreement with an owner or person in control of private property not covered by subsection (2) above for the placement of waste and recycling receptacles in the right-of-way abutting such property, including such requirements as the Department may determine will promote safe, clear passage and clean streets, upon a determination by the Department that such an agreement will be in the best interests of the City in maintaining the cleanliness of, and passage through, sidewalks and other portions of the right-of-way. 178



   Added, 1983 Ordinances, p. 504; amended, Bill No. 960850-A (approved May 20, 1997); amended, Bill No. 150198 (approved May 20, 2015), effective August 1, 2015.
   Added, Bill No. 180748 (approved October 31, 2018).