§ 9-1305. Electrical Inspector License.
   (1)   License Required. No person shall engage in the trade as an electrical inspector without first securing a license from the Department.
   (2)   Requirements for License. Applicants for a license shall establish at least the following qualifications to perform or supervise electrical inspection work. The Department may require additional qualifications by regulation.
      (a)   The applicant shall have been employed in the electrical field, or have equivalent practical experience, for a period of not less than six years preceding the time of such application, or shall otherwise establish to the satisfaction of the Department that the applicant has the necessary educational background and experience to qualify for the examination for a license. Satisfactory completion of two years of education in the electrical field shall be equivalent to one year of practical experience, but not more than four years of education shall count towards the required six years of practical experience.
      (b)   The applicant for a license or a renewal of a license shall have completed at least 12 hours in the preceding year in course work or seminars on the then-current edition of the National Electrical Code at an accredited school or organization approved by the Department. The applicant or licensee shall furnish the Department with a completion certificate indicating the course activity and the length in hours of each course.
      (c)   The applicant or licensee shall be certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry as an Electrical Inspector, as required by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.
   (3)   Required Conduct.
      (a)   The Department may suspend, revoke, or refuse to renew the license of any electrical inspector if the holder has:
         (.1)   Secured such license by misrepresentation;
         (.2)   Failed to maintain the qualifications required for retention of the license;
         (.3)   Violated any rule, regulation or administrative order of the Department;
         (.4)   Committed an act of gross negligence;
         (.5)   Approved electrical work that is not in conformance with this Code; or
         (.6)   Performed an electrical inspection on work completed without a valid electrical permit where such a permit is required.
   (4)   An applicant whose license has been revoked shall be eligible to apply for a new license after one year from the date of said revocation, upon demonstration of competence to the satisfaction of the Department, and the satisfactory completion of an examination as prescribed by the Department.