§ 9-1304. Electrical Inspection Agency License.
   (1)   License Required. Electrical Inspection Agencies who provide third party code enforcement services must be licensed by the Department. Issuance of such license by the Department shall constitute approval to conduct the business of electrical inspection, subject to the conditions of this Section. The Department may accept certifications from licensed Electrical Inspection Agencies as evidence of compliance with the Building Construction and Occupancy Code (Title 4).
   (2)   Application Requirements.
      (a)   To obtain an Electrical Inspection Agency license, the agency shall submit the following information on a form provided by the Department:
         (.1)   The names and addresses of all persons who have either a financial, operational, legal or beneficial interest in the agency business. At least one of the named persons shall possess an Electrical Inspector's license, issued by the Department for a period of no less than one year.
         (.2)   The experience of the inspectors, and the description of the training programs for inspectors and other personnel, together with all supporting data for the Department to determine the qualifications of the agency to engage in the business of electrical inspections.
         (.3)   The location and phone number of the place of business.
         (.4)   The agency's Philadelphia Business Privilege License 1100 number and City tax identification number.
      (b)   Proof of liability insurance, in the minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000), to satisfy claims or judgments of property damage and/or personal injury arising out of any negligence of the agency in the performance of its duties.
      (c)   Proof of Workman's Compensation Insurance in the statutory amount.
      (d)   Proof of completion of at least 12 hours per year by the agency principals in continuing education course work or seminars on the then-current edition of NFPA 70 at an accredited school or organization approved by the Department. The applicant or licensee shall furnish the Department with a completion certificate indicating the course activity and the length in hours of each course.
   (3)   General Requirements.
      (a)   No electrical inspection agency shall be permitted to inspect or file an inspection report with regard to electrical work performed by any individual, association, or company in which any of the agency employees or officers has any financial interest or family relationship.
      (b)   The agency employee to whom the inspectors report and who will offer the inspectors technical assistance and technical supervision shall be a licensed Electrical Inspector. If the agency operates out of more than one office, there shall be at least one licensed Electrical Inspector supervising each office. Whenever inspectors are divided into squads or teams for the purpose of technical supervision, there shall be at least one licensed technical supervisor or manager for each team. The person who makes the final technical decisions on electrical matters for the agency shall be a licensed Electrical Inspector.
      (c)   In connection with its inspection of any work, the agency shall furnish to the Department:
         (.1)   Written notification of the start of the job within one week following the start;
         (.2)   Details of any non-compliance with the electrical code; and
         (.3)   A duplicate copy of the agency's final approval of the work within 30 days of issuance.
      (d)   The final approval shall include:
         (.1)   Electrical work performed;
         (.2)   The date or dates of inspection;
         (.3)   The name of the installer;
         (.4)   The name of the inspector; and
         (.5)   Certification of compliance with the National Electrical Code.
      (e)   Each agency shall maintain and furnish to the Department a current list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the agent upon whom process may be served, and of the responsible officials and employees who may be contacted in connection with routine matters during normal working hours.
      (f)   Each agency shall notify the Department of any inspection personnel changes and shall furnish the name, address and qualifications of all new inspectors and supervisors to the Department within 72 hours of their appointment.
      (g)   The agency shall provide written notification to the Department, within two working days, of a violator's refusal to promptly correct any electrical violation.
      (h)   No electrical inspection shall be performed by the agency unless the applicant for the inspection has produced a valid electrical permit, when a permit is required by this Code. Each agency shall, within two working days, notify the Department of a request to inspect electrical work for which a permit is required but no permit has been issued.
      (i)   Each agency shall provide adequate supervision, so that the inspectors are prompt and diligent in discharging their duties. Each agency shall keep records of all its inspectors and business handled within the City available for inspection during normal working hours. No electrical inspection agency shall employ as an inspector, to perform work in the City, anyone who is not licensed by the Department as an electrical inspector.
      (j)   The agency shall keep a permanent record of all activities relating to its construction code enforcement, as required by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.
   (5)   Approval. Electrical Inspection Agencies shall be approved by the Department as to qualifications, method of operation, completeness of inspection activity and type of report prior to acceptance of any certificate of inspection. The Department shall reserve the right to re-inspect, approve or reject the certification of any inspection agency.
   (6)   Renewal Limitation. No license shall be renewed if the licensee is delinquent in City of Philadelphia business taxes.
   (7)   The Department may establish additional qualifications for license and renewal of license by regulations promulgated pursuant to this Section.



   Note that "business privilege license" was changed to "commercial activity license" by Bill No. 110758 (approved December 21, 2011), effective May 1, 2012.