§ 2-108. Employees.
   (1)   Civil Service. All officers and employees of the officers, offices, boards and commissions created or continued by this Title shall be subject to the civil service provisions of the Charter except:
      (a)   all officers elected by the people and their deputies, but the number of exempt deputies in any office or department except the office of the District Attorney shall not exceed two;
      (b)   City Treasurer;
      (c)   Assistant District Attorneys;
      (d)   the chief detective and ten additional detectives in the office of the District Attorney;
      (e)   members of boards and commissions who are appointed by the Mayor;
      (f)   one secretary or clerk to each elected officer, and one principal assistant or executive director for each board or commission;
      (g)   such other officers and employees as are exempt under the Charter.
   (2)   Compensation. All officers and employees transferred or caused to be transferred by this Title shall continue to be compensated at their present rates of pay until their compensation is changed pursuant to the appropriate provisions of this Charter.
   (3)   Employees Transferred. All officers and employees performing functions transferred or caused to be transferred by this Title to offices, departments, boards or commissions shall become officers or employees of such offices, departments, boards or commissions. Any questions which may arise in connection with any transfer of employees shall be determined by the Administrative Board.
   (4)   Functions Transferred. The departments, offices and boards to which powers and duties are by this Title transferred shall continue to exercise such powers and perform such duties transferred until otherwise provided by law.