§ 2-105. Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions. 2
   (1)   The Office of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions is abolished and all the powers, functions and duties of that Office, or such powers and duties not performed by the First Judicial District by either agreement or court order, shall be exercised and performed by the Department of Records, or such other Department under the authority of the Managing Director as may be designated by the Managing Director.
   (2)   The provisions of Chapter A-1 of the Appendix to the Home Rule Charter shall apply to the changes made by this Section as if the Office of Clerk of Quarter Sessions had been abolished and its functions transferred to the Department of Records by the Home Rule Charter.



   Amended, 1970 Ordinances, p. 118; amended, Bill No. 100360 (approved October 12, 2010), effective July 1, 2010.