§ 21-1202.  Definitions.
   In this Chapter, the following definitions apply:
   (1)   Complaint. A complaint of misconduct made by any person against any officers(s) of the Philadelphia Police Department, regardless of whether the misconduct occurred on or off duty, and not otherwise limited by any requirement of residency.
   (2)   Internal Affairs Division. The units and employees encompassed by the Office of Professional Responsibility within the Philadelphia Police Department responsible for investigating misconduct by employees of the Philadelphia Police Department.
   (3)   Leadership position. This term refers to Department-identified leadership positions, as well as positions of authority within specific or specialized Department units, such as Districts, Narcotics Bureau, Internal Affairs, and Patrol Operations, and includes, but is not limited to, the ranks of Captain, Staff Inspector, Inspector, Chief Inspector, Deputy Police Commissioner, First Deputy Police Commissioner, and Police Commissioner.
   (4)   Officer. Refers to a sworn member of the Philadelphia Police Department.