§ 21-1204.  Executive Director, Counsel and Staff.
   (1)   The Commission shall appoint and determine the compensation of an Executive Director with the following minimum qualifications:
      (a)   A commitment to the improvement of policing within the City.
      (b)   Leadership and management skills.
      (c)   Knowledge of relevant law and law enforcement practices.
      (d)   Experience and expertise in conducting or supervising investigations.
      (e)   Integrity, independence and professionalism.
      (f)   The ability to serve diverse constituencies including, but not limited to, people of all races, ethnicities, ages, immigrant or citizenship status, genders, sexual orientation, or gender identification; law enforcement; members of the press; and elected officials.
   (2)   The Executive Director shall not be a current or former sworn employee of the Department; a current or former member of a union that represents a municipal or state police department; or a current officer of a political party.
   (3)   The Executive Director shall have the authority to hire staff, including associate counsel, and enter into contracts for the Commission. The Executive Director shall consider cultural competency and language access needs when establishing criteria for hiring staff.
   (4)   Chief Counsel. The Commission shall appoint and set the compensation of a Chief Counsel to act on its behalf in connection with the Commission carrying out all investigatory, advisory and other matters consistent with the duties set forth in this Chapter, and may consult or retain additional counsel for such purposes.