(16)   Green Roof. 640.1
A dwelling unit density bonus, described in § 14-702(16)(b), below, may be earned by providing a green roof on a property that meets the conditions of subsection (a) (Criteria), below.
(a)   Criteria.
(.1)   The building shall meet either of the following requirements:
(.a)   For new buildings, the building's construction requires a minimum of 5,000 sq. ft. of earth disturbance as determined by the Water Department; or
(.b)   For existing buildings or expansions of existing buildings, the building requires a minimum building footprint of 5,000 sq. ft.
(.2)   The roof must be partially or completely covered with a green roof that meets the Water Department's design standards.
(.3)   The applicant must execute and record a deed restriction in favor of the City, approved as to form by the Law Department, which requires the green roof to be constructed and maintained, at a minimum, in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, where applicable, and with Water Department standards, for the life of the building; and which allows the City to inspect the green roof for, or demand proof of, continued compliance with those requirements.
(.4)   The green roof must cover at least sixty percent (60%) of the rooftop of the building wherein dwelling units are provided.
(.5)   The green roof must be safely accessible and made available for inspection with reasonable notice given by the City.
(.6)   The green roof may not be used to qualify for reduced landscaping for parking lots pursuant to § 14-803(5)(e)(.2).
(.7)   The property is within an RM-1, CMX-1, CMX-2, or CMX-2.5 zoning district.
(b)   Dwelling Unit Density Bonus.
If the conditions set forth in section (a), above, are met, the number of units allowed is twenty-five percent (25%) greater than would otherwise be permitted rounded down to the nearest whole number and applied prior to the inclusion of any other applicable increases in allowable units.



   Added, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).