(2)   Definition of a Residential Housing Project.
For the purposes of this § 14-528, a Residential Housing Project is any development located within the 30th Street Overlay District where at least twenty-five percent (25%) of gross floor area will be in residential use, which for purposes of calculating total units shall also include any dwelling units provided to satisfy the requirements of § 14-528(3)(a)(.2) or § 14-528(3)(b) below. Developments with any of the following conditions shall not be deemed to meet the definition of a Residential Housing Project:
(a)   Any development in which all dwelling units are developed by an educational institution for the exclusive use and occupancy of such institution's students or other institution-affiliated persons such as resident advisors or house masters;
(b)   Any development in which all dwelling units are constructed fully within an existing structure; or
(c)   Any development where Personal Care Home is the principal use.