§ 9-5402.  Incumbent Hotel Operators and Employee Notice Upon Change in Ownership.
   (1)   An Incumbent Hotel Employer shall post written notice of a Change in Control at a hotel within five business days following the execution of a Transfer Document. Notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the hotel so as to be readily viewed by eligible employees and prospective applicants for employment. Notice shall remain posted during any closure of the Hotel and for six months after the hotel begins operation and is open to the public under the Successor Hotel Employer.
   (2)   Notice shall include the name of the Incumbent Hotel Employer and its contact information, the name of the Successor Hotel Employer and its contact information, and the effective date of the Change in Control.
   (3)   If the Hotel is closed or substantially reduced in operations at the time of the execution of the Transfer Document, the Incumbent Hotel Employer shall send Notice to all Eligible Employees to their last known physical address, and by email and text message to the extent the Incumbent Hotel Employer possesses such information.
   (4)   An Incumbent Hotel Employer shall, within fifteen calendar days after execution of a Transfer Document, provide to the Successor Hotel Employer the name, address, date of hire, and occupation classification of each Eligible Employee.