§ 17-2303. Public Hearing Required.
   (1)   The City shall not send a proposal to the FOP to enter into or amend a Contract as defined herein, unless the Mayor has requested, by letter provided to the Chief Clerk of Council, and City Council has held, a public hearing addressing the Contract proposal, including but not limited to, the cost of the Contract proposal and any other terms or conditions set forth therein, at least thirty (30) days before sending the proposal, unless the Council President certifies to the Office of Labor that Council is unavailable for a thirty (30) day period from the time of receiving the Mayor's request for a hearing to do so. No further hearing shall be required on a revised proposal made after such a hearing. Nothing herein shall be construed to require Council approval of the Contract for it to be binding and effective.
   (2)   An Administration representative shall be present at the hearing to inform the Council and the public about the terms of the Contract Proposal and the Administration shall be subject to the requirements of Section 10-110 of the Home Rule Charter, regarding refusal to testify.
   (3)   Prior notice of the Public Hearing shall be required and the hearings must allow for the public to attend and comment on the terms of the Contract presented by the Administration representative.
   (4)   No later than thirty (30) days after the Public Hearing, the Administration shall send a written report to the Council President detailing the changes or lack thereof made to their proposal.