§ 9-5101.  Definitions.
   (1)   Food service establishment. A food service establishment as that term is defined by subsection 6-102(19.1).
   (2)   Likeness. Identifiable symbols attributed and easily identified as belonging to a food service establishment.
   (3)   Delivery fee. A fee charged by a third-party food delivery service for providing a food service establishment with a service that delivers food from such establishment to customers. The term does not include any other fee that may be charged by a third-party food delivery service to a food service establishment, such as fees for listing or advertising the food service establishment on the third-party food delivery service platform or fees related to processing the online order.
   (4)   Purchase price. The total price of items contained in an online order that are listed on the menu of the food service establishment where the order is placed. The term does not include taxes, gratuities or any other fees that may make up the total cost to the customer of an online order.
   (5)   Third-party food delivery service. Any company, organization or entity that is not the same business as the food service establishment that provides a limited food delivery service to customers as a result of a single commercial transaction over the internet, whether directly or through a third-party application.