PM-901.1 Vacant Properties. The owner of any vacant building shall keep the interior and exterior of the premises free of garbage and rubbish. The owner of any vacant building shall keep all doors, windows and openings from the roof or other areas in good repair, and shall ensure that the roof is intact and allows for proper stormwater drainage. Where such doors or windows or entrance to openings are readily accessible to trespassers, they shall be kept securely locked, fastened or otherwise secured. The owner shall take any other measures prescribed by the code official to prevent unauthorized entry to the premises by closing all openings with materials approved by the code official. A vacant building, which is not secured against entry shall be deemed unsafe within the meaning of this code.
PM-901.2 Blighting Problems. The owner of a building that is a blighting problem, as defined in Section PM-202, shall secure all spaces designed as windows with windows that have frames and glazing and all entryways with doors. Sealing such a property with boards or masonry or other materials that are not windows with frames and glazing or entry doors shall not constitute good repair or being locked, fastened or otherwise secured pursuant to this subsection.