§ 22-1202.  Hearings and Appeals.
   (1)   In general. Eligibility for membership in the Retirement System or the entitlement of any member, or of any person claiming through such member, to benefits accrued or rights accorded under this Title shall be determined after notice and opportunity to be heard. Any member or other claimant shall have a right to appeal to the Board any decision or determination affecting such person's claimed benefits or rights. Findings and decisions of the Board on any actions taken by the Board or any of its employees shall be final and there shall be no further appeal other than to court as provided by law.
   (2)   Hearing panel. The Board may designate any three members of the Board as a hearing panel to conduct any hearing whether on review, appeal or otherwise. The hearing panel shall take testimony and prepare a recommendation which shall be forwarded to the Board for its consideration.