§ 21-2301.  Availability of Fiscal Impact Statements. 57
   (1)   A Fiscal Impact Statement shall be prepared for any pending ordinance, other than bills making an appropriation or amending such bills, upon the request of any member of City Council. Such a request shall be made to the Chief Clerk who, based upon the direction of the requester(s) of such Fiscal Impact Statement, shall forward the particular bill to the Director of Finance or the Controller for preparation of the Fiscal Impact Statement. The Fiscal Impact Statement shall be revised by the designated entity after the adoption of any amendment to the bill. Upon receipt of a Fiscal Impact Statement, the Chief Clerk shall distribute it to all members of City Council and make it publicly available.
   (2)   The lack of preparation of a Fiscal Impact Statement shall not preclude the final adoption of a bill.
   (3)   The Chief Clerk shall send timely notices to the designated entity of the dates on which the bill will be considered by City Council. The designated entity shall deliver the Fiscal Impact Statement to the Chief Clerk and the requester pursuant to Section 21-2303. If the designated entity is unable to deliver a completed Fiscal Impact Statement in accordance with Section 21-2303, the designated entity shall deliver a full explanation of the reasons for the inability to comply with this Section to the Chief Clerk and the requester prior to the due date of the Fiscal Impact Statement.



   Amended, Bill No. 170719 (approved January 3, 2018).