§ 21-1105.  Council Plan Approval and Amendment Procedure.
   (1)   Upon completion of the public hearings required by Section 21-1104 (Citizen Participation) and before submitting to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD") its statements of community development objectives or similar required documents, OHCD shall prepare and submit a Proposed Consolidated Plan to Council, along with a proposed Ordinance authorizing the Plan, including application for funding contemplated by the Plan. Council may amend the Proposed Plan and proposed Ordinance as it deems necessary.
   (2)   When the Proposed Consolidated Plan and proposed Ordinance are submitted to Council, Council shall, pursuant to the Charter, thereafter set a date for a public hearing in order to take written comments and proposals and hear oral testimony from interested citizens. Prior to authorizing the Plan and approving the proposed Ordinance, Council may amend each document. Once so authorized, the Plan shall be referred to as the Final Consolidated Plan.
      (a)   The Final Consolidated Plan shall be deemed to conform with the requirements of this Ordinance.
   (3)   Subject to the provisions of subsection (4), OHCD may propose and adopt amendments to the Final Consolidated Plan. OHCD shall establish policies and procedures pertaining to such amendment(s) that are in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations and shall publish said policies and procedures in the Preliminary, Proposed and Final Consolidated Plan. In addition, with respect to each proposed amendment, OHCD shall, in the same form and at the same time as published pursuant to 24 C.F.R., Part 91, report all Final Consolidated Plan amendments to the President of City Council and the members of the Committee on Housing, Neighborhood Development and the Homeless.
   (4)   Council authorization shall be obtained before OHCD makes any change or changes in any Final Consolidated Plan's budget which alone or in combination with previous changes, amount to ten percent (10%) or more in cumulative effect on the allocation in such Final Consolidated Plan when OHCD proposes to use the funds to undertake one or more new activities, or proposes to alter the stated purpose, location or class of beneficiaries of previously authorized activities.
   (5)   If, at any time, (a) OHCD determines that revenues will fall short of or exceed those projected in any Final Consolidated Plan, or that new revenue sources have become available; or whenever amendments are proposed pursuant to subsection 21-1105(3); 30 and (b) such shortfall, excess, new revenue, or amendment will change any revenue line item by at least ten percent (10%) and at least five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), OHCD shall prepare and submit to Council a proposed amendment to the Final Consolidated Plan, a proposed ordinance approving such amendment, and such other information as may be requested by Council. No amendment subject to this subsection (5) 31 shall be submitted to HUD unless approved by ordinance.



   Enrolled bill read "21-1104(3)"; reference corrected by Code editor.
   Enrolled bill read "this subsection (4)"; reference corrected by Code editor.