§ 19-2402.1.  Imposition and Rate of Tourism and Marketing Tax. 413
   (1)   There is hereby imposed, in addition to the tax imposed by the preceding Section 19-2402 and notwithstanding the maximum rate of tax set forth in said Section, an excise tax of one percent (1%) on the consideration received by each operator of a hotel within the City from each transaction of renting a room or rooms to accommodate transients. The tax shall be collected by the operator from the patron of the room and paid over to the City pursuant to Sections 19-2403 and 19-2405 and shall be known as the Tourism and Marketing Tax. However, a booking agent, acting for an operator, may collect and remit the tax, and an operator shall not be responsible for collecting and remitting the Tourism and Marketing Tax on any transaction for which it has received confirmation that the booking agent has collected and remitted the tax.



   Added, Bill No. 990116 (approved May 6, 1999), effective July 1, 1999; amended, Bill No. 150441-A (approved June 18, 2015), effective July 1, 2015.