§ 19-1204.  Books and Records. 152
   (1)   Every operator shall keep accurate books and records to which the Department shall have full access at all times. These records shall include:
      (a)   A daily return sheet, in the form and manner prescribed by the Department, showing:
         (.1)   number of cars parked or stored on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis in or on each facility;
         (.2)   the gross receipts from all such transactions;
         (.3)   the actual tax due the City.



   Amended, 1956 Ordinances, p. 1081; amended, Bill No. 050452 (approved June 15, 2005). See note 147 for effective date provisions. Amended by deleting former subsection (b), Bill No. 070049 (approved September 20, 2007).