§ 17-2202. Definitions.
   The following definitions apply to this Chapter:
   (1)   City means the City of Philadelphia and all City-Related Agencies.
   (2)   City-Related Agencies means all authorities and quasi-public corporations which either: receive appropriations from the City; have entered into continuing contractual or cooperative relationships with the City, including any agreement whereby the City funds an agency's debt service; or operate under legal authority granted to them by City ordinance.
   (3)   Contract under 29 U.S.C. § 185(a) as used herein means a contract to which 29 U.S.C. § 185(a) applies, as that provision has been interpreted by the United States Supreme Court.
   (4)   Hospitality Company means any Person seeking a lease, management agreement or development agreement from the City for a Hotel, or seeking City financial assistance to a Hotel project, including a developer which will later lease or sublease property to another Person to operate the Hotel.
   (5)   Hotel includes a hotel and any food or beverage operations which are part of a Hotel.
   (6)   Hospitality Operations means any operations at a Hotel staffed by Hospitality Workers.
   (7)   Hospitality Workers means all employees in a Hotel, except supervisors, managers, office clerical employees and guards.
   (8)   Labor Organization means an organization of any kind, or an agency or employer representation committee or plan, in which employees participate and which exists for the purpose, in whole or in part, of dealing with employers concerning grievances, labor disputes, wages, rates of pay, hours of employment, or conditions of work.
   (9)   Hospitality Contract means any contract, lease or license from the City to use any City property for Hospitality Operations, or any contract, lease or license pursuant to which the City is entitled to receive as rents, royalties or other income a percentage of the revenues of an enterprise, or any payments in connection with financing including loan guarantees provided by or through the City, or any subcontract, sublease, sublicense or other transfer or assignment of any right, title or interest received from the City pursuant to any such contract, lease or license.
   (10)   No-Strike Pledge means a provision in a labor peace agreement prohibiting the Labor Organization and its members, and in the case of a collective bargaining agreement, all employees covered by the agreement, from engaging in picketing, work stoppages, boycotts or any other economic interference with the Hospitality Operations for the duration of the City's Hospitality Contract.
   (11)   Person includes natural person, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, joint venture or business organization of any kind.
   (12)   Valid Collective Bargaining Agreement as used herein means a collective bargaining agreement entered into between the person contracting or subcontracting to provide services and a labor organization lawfully serving as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for the employees who provide or will provide services pursuant to such a contract.