§ 17-2008. Good Faith Compliance.
   Good Faith efforts to comply shall be evidenced by documentation submitted by a Beneficiary to the Designated Department which includes the following:
   (1)   Timely, written notification projecting new, entry-level jobs;
   (2)   Written description of specific job qualifications and the minimum requirements for each new, entry-level job;
   (3)   Written verification of compliance with the First Source Period timetable as provided in subsection 17-2006(2); and 227
   (4)   Timely, written notification of the First Source Candidates that were either contacted, interviewed, hired or rejected. 228



   Added, Bill No. 121038 (approved April 30, 2013). Enrolled bill cited subsection 17-1906(2); renumbered by Code editor.
   Renumbered, Bill No. 121038 (approved April 30, 2013).