§ 17-1309. Private Right of Action.
   (1)   A person aggrieved by a violation of this Chapter may bring an action against an employer and obtain the following remedies:
      (a)   Back pay for each day during which the employer failed to pay the compensation required by this Chapter.
      (b)   Reinstatement, compensatory damages and punitive damages, to the extent such punitive damages are permitted by law.
      (c)   Reasonable attorney's fees and costs.
   (2)   Notwithstanding any provision of this Chapter or any other ordinances to the contrary, no criminal penalties shall attach for any violation of this Chapter.
   (3)   No remedy set forth in this Chapter is intended to be exclusive or a prerequisite for asserting a claim for relief to enforce any rights hereunder in a court of law. This Chapter shall not be construed to limit an employee's right to bring a common law cause of action for wrongful termination.
   (4)   Nothing in this Chapter shall be interpreted to authorize a claim for damages against the City based upon another employer's failure to comply with this Chapter.