§ 17-401. Definitions.
   In this Chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
   (1)   City. The City of Philadelphia.
   (2)   City Contract. Any contract between the City and an employer to be paid in whole or in part by public funds or in kind contributions from the City, any contract between the City and an employer in which the employer makes payment to the City, any lease agreement between the City and a lessor or lessee. 93
   (3)   Commission. Commission on Human Relations of the City of Philadelphia.
   (4)   Employer. Any person who is a party to a City contract and who employs one or more employees exclusive of parents, spouse or children.
   (5)   Person. One or more individuals, partnerships, associations, organizations, legal representatives, trustees or other legal entities.
   (6)   Employees. All individuals employed by an employer including those working full- or part-time and executive and administrative officers and personnel. The term "employees" shall extend to all such employees and shall not be limited to those performing or doing work under the City contract.
   (7)   Exclusionary Private Organization. Any organization, club or association which bars, restricts or limits membership or use of its dining or recreational facilities on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or ancestry. 94
   (8)   Sexual Orientation. Male or female homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality, by preference, practice or as perceived by others. 95



   Amended, 1983 Ordinances, p. 1453.
   Amended, 1983 Ordinances, p. 1453.
   Added, 1983 Ordinances, p. 1453.