§ 17-301. Inventory and Care.
   (1)   All personal property which comes into the control of any City agency and which is not subject to the provisions of Section 8-411 of the Charter, shall be tagged with a statement which itemizes the property acquired and states the circumstances under which it was acquired.
   (2)   If such property is not subject to destruction or to forfeiture or to some other disposition pursuant to State or Federal law or judicial proceeding, it shall be turned over to either:
      (a)   a person making proper claim therefor at any time within one year from the date of acquisition; or
      (b)   the Procurement Department when it is directed to assume control under Section 17-302.
   (3)   In addition to the statement of acquisition required by subsection 17-301(1), a copy thereof shall be retained in the agency's records and another copy forwarded to the Auditing Department.
   (4)   The Law Department shall decide any contested claim for the return of personal property held by any city agency.