§ 17-202. Terms and Conditions Imposed by Ordinance. 87
   (1)   Prerequisites to the Execution of Such Agreements. No agreement under Section 17-201 shall be made with any person who has:
      (a)   failed to comply with all applicable provisions of this Chapter;
      (b)   failed to perform any prior agreement made pursuant to Section 17-201;
      (c)   failed to pay fifty dollars ($50) for the publication of any special ordinance authorizing such agreement.
   (2)   Terms and Conditions Applicable to Such Agreements. Whenever the Procurement Department determines that a bond is desirable in order to protect the City, conditioned upon the proper performance of any or all obligations under agreements made pursuant to Section 17-201, the Department shall require such bond as a prerequisite to make such agreement and shall give notice of such requirement when soliciting bids. 88



   Source: 1898 Ordinances, p. 239.
   Source: New.