§ 16-707.  Ethics and Conflicts of Interest. 54
   The Land Bank shall be governed by the State Adverse Interest Act of July 19, 1957 (P.L. 1017, No. 451) and 65 Pa. C.S. Ch. 11 (relating to ethics standards and financial disclosure). The Land Bank shall also be governed by Chapter 20-600 (Philadelphia's "Standards of Conduct and Ethics") and Chapter 20-1200 ("Lobbying"). As part of its policies, the Land Bank shall adopt strict ethical guidelines for Land Bank board members and employees, and promulgate rules addressing and protecting against potential conflicts of interest. These guidelines and rules shall supplement any applicable state and local laws.



   Repealed and replaced, Bill No. 190606-AA (approved November 12, 2019). See note 32 for effective date provisions.