§ 16-506.  Acquisition and Disposition.
   (1)   Acquisition and disposition of blighted property under this Chapter shall not require preparation, adoption or approval of a redevelopment area plan or redevelopment proposal, but at least thirty (30) days prior to acquisition of any property under this Section, the Redevelopment Authority shall transmit identification of the property to the City Planning Commission and shall request a recommendation as to the appropriate reuse of the property. The Redevelopment Authority shall not acquire the property if the City Planning Commission certifies that disposition for residential or related use would not be in accord with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
   (2)   Power of eminent domain shall be exercised pursuant to a resolution of City Council, resolution of the Redevelopment Authority and the procedure set forth in the act of June 22, 1964 (Sp. Sess., P.L. 84, No. 6), known as the "Eminent Domain Code", as amended.
   (3)   Property disposed of within a redevelopment area shall be disposed of under a redevelopment contract in accordance with the provisions of the Urban Redevelopment Law. Property disposed of outside an urban renewal project area shall be disposed of by deed in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 16-400.