§ 16-311.  Life Sustaining Medical Equipment in City Buildings and Facilities. 31
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Advanced First Aid Kit. A collection of medical equipment including, at a minimum, the following:
         (.1)   A tourniquet.
         (.2)   Two pairs of latex free gloves.
         (.3)   Two emergency bandages.
         (.4)   Two rolls of gauze.
      (b)   Automated External Defibrillator or AED. A portable device that uses electric shock to restore a stable heart rhythm to an individual in cardiac arrest.
   (2)   Maintenance of Emergency Medical Equipment.
      (a)   The Office of Risk Management, or its designee(s), shall purchase, install and maintain AEDs and advanced first aid kits in all City-owned buildings and facilities, including but not limited to administrative buildings, city-owned health centers, recreation centers, parks, and playgrounds, provided that no such equipment need be installed at any facility that does not have an enclosed building.
      (b)   AEDs and advanced first aid kits shall be placed in prominent and accessible locations within each building and in areas available to the public during hours of access to the public. Each device and kit shall be accompanied by signage identifying its location and availability. The Office of Risk Management shall promulgate regulations detailing the height, spacing, and location of each device and kit and the type of signage that shall accompany each device and kit.
      (c)   The Office of Risk Management shall ensure that all AEDs and advanced first aid kits are inspected regularly, no less than once per year, and kept in good working order.
      (d)   There shall be made public a document that details the location of each AED maintained by the Office of Risk Management. The document shall be maintained, updated and reported to City Council on an annual basis.
   (3)   Installation of AEDs and Advanced First Aid Kits with Capital Projects. AEDs and advanced first aid kits shall be installed in connection with every Major Renovation that includes the Expenditure of Primarily City Capital Dollars, as those terms are defined in Section 17-111 of this Code.



   Added, Bill No. 190099-AA (became law September 12, 2019), effective December 11, 2019.