(5)   Submission Requirements.
(a)   At the time that a building permit application is filed with L&I for alteration, demolition or construction subject to the Historical Commission's review, the applicant shall submit to the Historical Commission the plans and specifications of the proposed work, including the plans and specifications for any construction proposed after demolition and such other information as the Historical Commission may reasonably require to exercise its duties and responsibilities under this Chapter 14-1000.
(b)   In any instance where there is a claim that a building, structure, site, or object cannot be used for any purpose for which it is or may be reasonably adapted, or where a building permit application for alteration, or demolition is based, in whole or in part, on financial hardship, the owner shall submit, by affidavit, the following information to the Historical Commission:
(.1)   Amount paid for the property, date of purchase, and party from whom purchased, including a description of the relationship, whether business or familial, if any, between the owner and the person from whom the property was purchased;
(.2)   Assessed value of the land and improvements thereon according to the most recent assessment;
(.3)   Financial information for the previous two years which shall include, as a minimum, annual gross income from the property, itemized operating and maintenance expenses, real estate taxes, annual debt service, annual cash flow, the amount of depreciation taken for federal income tax purposes, and other federal income tax deductions produced;
(.4)   All appraisals obtained by the owner in connection with his or her purchase or financing of the property, or during his or her ownership of the property; 784
(.5)   All listings of the property for sale or rent, price asked, and offers received, if any;
(.6)   Any consideration by the owner as to profitable, adaptive uses for the property; and
(.7)   The Historical Commission may further require the owner to conduct, at the owner's expense, evaluations or studies, as are reasonably necessary in the opinion of the Historical Commission, to determine whether the building, structure, site or object has or may have alternate uses consistent with preservation.



   Amended, Bill No. 150264 (approved June 16, 2015).