(1)   Appointment.
The Mayor shall appoint a Philadelphia Historical Commission consisting of
(a)   the following individuals: 783
(.1)   President of City Council or his or her designee;
(.2)   the Director of Commerce;
(.3)   Commissioner of Public Property;
(.4)   the Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections;
(.5)   the Chairman of the City Planning Commission or his or her designee;
(.6)   the Director of Housing or his or her designee; and
(b)   eight other persons learned in the historic traditions of the City and interested in the preservation of the historic character of the City. At least one of the appointees shall be:
(.1)   an architect experienced in the field of historic preservation;
(.2)   an historian;
(.3)   an architectural historian;
(.4)   a real estate developer;
(.5)   a representative of a Community Development Corporation; and
(.6)   a representative of a community organization.



   Amended, Bill No. 150264 (approved June 16, 2015).