(6)   Accessory Digital News Ticker Signs. 778
(a)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this Zoning Code, Digital News Ticker Signs shall be permitted in the Market Street East Advertising District subject to the following conditions:
(.1)   The sign shall be accessory to a permitted business use primarily involving the collection, production, or dissemination of news and information via various print and electronic media;
(.2)   The sign band shall not exceed 5 ft. in height;
(.3)   The top edge of the sign shall not be located more than 50 ft. above street level; and
(.4)   The sign shall be permitted on any public street frontage of the property, provided it does not exceed in length the property's linear footage along any public street.
(b)   An accessory Digital News Ticker Sign, as permitted in this section, shall be permitted in addition to any other signs permitted for the property under Chapter 14-900 of this Zoning Code and shall not count against the maximum square footage of any signs otherwise permitted under Chapter 14-900.



   Added, Bill No. 130856 (approved December 18, 2013).