(4)   Special Controls for Cobbs Creek, Roosevelt Boulevard, and Department of Parks and Recreation Land.
(a)   Applicability.
The standards of this subsection (4) shall apply to any signs:
(.1)   Within the boundary lines of Roosevelt Boulevard or the Cobbs Creek Parkway, as those boundary lines are determined by the Streets Department as shown on the following maps for illustrative purposes only; 747.1
(.2)   Within the boundary lines of Fairmount Park or Cobbs Creek Park;
(.3)   Within 200 ft. of any boundary line set forth in subsection (.1) or (.2), if the sign is visible from within any area set forth in subsection (.1) or (.2); or
(.4)   Within land under the jurisdiction of DPR.
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{For printable PDF version of image, click HERE}
(b)   Special Sign Review.
(.1)   L&I shall only issue a zoning permit for a sign subject to the provisions of this subsection (4) if L&I determines that:
(.a)   The sign complies with all applicable provisions of this Zoning Code,
(.b)   The sign is in compliance with applicable regulations of DPR, and
(.c)   The sign has been approved by the Art Commission.
(.2)   A zoning permit shall be granted for the continued maintenance of any sign lawfully in existence within the areas defined in subsection (a), above, on December 31, 1969, without requiring compliance with any of the other provisions of this subsection. However, any such sign shall not be altered or moved in any substantial manner unless it is made to comply with all the requirements of this subsection.



   Amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).