(3)   General Design and Access Standards.
Except as provided in § 14-806(2) (RMX-3, CMX-4, and CMX-5 Districts), the following standards apply to all required off-street loading spaces.
(a)   Where off-street loading spaces do not adjoin the street, convenient access at least 12 ft. wide to each space shall be provided.
(b)   Access driveways across sidewalks shall be subject to the approval of the Streets Department.
(c)   Each required off-street loading space shall be at least 11 ft. wide, 60 ft. long, and have at least 14 ft. of unobstructed height unless otherwise stated in another provision of this Zoning Code for a specific location.
(d)   No required off-street loading space may be located in a required front setback or rear or side yard area.