(4)   General Standards.
(a)   Prohibited Lighting.
(.1)   Strobe lights that are visible from another property may only be installed by the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority or the Philadelphia Division of Aviation.
(.2)   Rotating lights may not be installed in any location where they are visible from any public street.
(.3)   Awnings used for building accents over windows or similar features shall not be internally illuminated (i.e., from underneath or behind the awning). However, internal illumination of awnings over doors is permitted for safety purposes.
(b)   Shielding.
All light sources shall be shielded to prevent glare and spillover beyond the property line. All light sources shall be designed, located, and installed so that the light source is not visible from any Residential district.
(c)   Efficiency.
All exterior lighting fixtures shall produce at least 80 lumens per watt of energy consumed, as documented by manufacturer's specifications or the results of an independent testing laboratory.