(2)   Street Tree Requirements.
(a)   Applicability.
The street tree requirements of this § 14-705(2) (Street Tree Requirements) shall apply to:
(.1)   All development on lots greater than 5,000 sq. ft. in area, except lots with a principal single- family, two-family, parks and open space, or urban agriculture use; and
(.2)   Subdivisions of three or more lots.
(b)   Certification.
Before L&I may issue a building permit, the applicant must, if subject to the provisions of this § 14-705(2) (Street Tree Requirements), submit a site plan indicating the location and number of street trees to be planted prepared by a licensed architect, licensed landscape architect, licensed professional civil engineer, or a certified arborist that demonstrates compliance with the standards of § 14-705(2) (Street Tree Requirements).
(c)   Standards.
(.1)   Existing street trees in healthy condition that will be preserved may be used to meet the requirements of this section.
(.2)   New street tree planting shall comply with the following standards:
(.a)   At least one street tree per 35 ft. of linear frontage shall be provided. Street trees may be placed at regular or irregular intervals, provided that there is at least 15 ft. of space between tree trunks. Where any of these standards conflict with the regulations of the Streets Department or the Department of Parks and Recreation, the least restrictive regulation shall govern. 661
(.b)   To the extent possible, trees shall be planted in alignment with street trees on the same block or adjacent lots.
(.3)   The applicant shall plant the required street trees and manage the tree installation.
(.4)   L&I shall not grant a building permit to an applicant unless the applicant either makes a deposit into the City treasury, or posts a bond in form satisfactory to the City Solicitor, in an amount sufficient, as determined by DPR, to pay for the City's costs in purchasing and planting the required street trees in the event the applicant fails to comply with the requirements of this § 14-705(2) (Street Tree Requirements) and applicable regulations, such amount to be refunded or such bond to be marked satisfied upon compliance by the applicant with these requirements. Retention by the City of the deposit or payment on the bond shall not excuse the applicant from applicable fines or penalties.



   Amended, Bill No. 130764 (approved December 18, 2013).