(20)   Medical Marijuana Dispensary. 532
(a)   Regulations and Standards.
(.1)   Separation Requirements.
For the purposes of this subsection (.1), "public" shall be defined as owned, leased, or operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the United States, the City, or any other public or quasi-public governmental body or agency. No medical marijuana dispensary use may be located: 532.1
(.a)   Within a zoning district where such use is not expressly allowed;
(.b)   Within 500 ft. of any regulated use (see § 14-603(13) (Regulated Use));
(.c)   Within 500 ft. of any school (up to and including the 12th grade) or its adjunct recreation areas/play fields;
(.d)   Within 500 ft. of any public playground;
(.e)   Within 500 ft. of any public swimming pool;
(.f)   Within 500 ft. of any public park;
(.g)   Within 500 ft. of any public recreation center;
(.h)   Within 500 ft. of any public library;
(.i)   Within 500 ft. of any child care; or 533
(.j)   Within the following designated areas:
(i)   City Avenue from the Schuylkill Expressway to City Boundary.
(ii)   63rd Street from City Avenue to Lebanon Avenue.
(iii)   Monument Road from City Avenue to Ford Road.
(iv)   Conshohocken Avenue.
(v)   Parkside Avenue from 52nd Street to Belmont Avenue.
(vi)   Haverford Avenue from City Avenue to Lansdowne Avenue.
(vii)   54th Street from City Avenue to Overbrook Avenue.
(viii)   54th Street from Arlington Street to Montgomery Avenue.
(b)   Procedures.
(.1)   L&I shall not issue a zoning permit for a medical marijuana dispensary unless the applicant certifies that the applicant has provided notice that complies with § 14-303(12)(d) ("Initial Notice from the Applicant to RCOs and Others"), as if that subsection applied, but only to the parties identified in § 14-303(12)(d)(.2)(.a) (RCOs), (.b) (district councilmembers), and (.c) (neighboring properties). The Commission, upon request, shall provide to the applicant the list of required RCOs, properties and district councilmember.
(.2)   The content of the notice required by subsection (.1) shall comply with § 14-303(12)(d)(.3), as if that subsection applied, but only with respect to § 14-303(12)(d)(.3)(.a) (applicant), (.c) (location of application), and (.d) (description of property). The notice shall also contain a description of the application.
(c)   Drug Paraphernalia Sales. 533.1
Drug Paraphernalia Sales are permitted as an accessory use within the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.



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