(5)   Office Use Category.
This category includes uses in an enclosed building, customarily performed in an office, that focus on providing executive, management, administrative, government, professional, or medical services. The office subcategories are:
(a)   Business and Professional.
Office uses for companies and non-governmental organizations. Examples include corporate office, law offices, architectural firms, insurance companies, and other executive, management, or administrative offices for businesses and corporations.
(b)   Medical, Dental, and Health Practitioner. 464
Office uses related to diagnosis and treatment of human patients' illnesses, injuries, and physical malfunctions by a State-licensed medical, dental or health practitioner that can be performed in an office setting with no overnight care. Surgical, rehabilitation, and other medical centers that do not involve overnight patient stays are included in this subcategory, as are medical and dental laboratories, unless otherwise indicated. The following are medical, dental, and health practitioner specific use types:
(.1)   Sole Medical, Dental, and Health Practitioner.
An office exclusively operated by one medical, dental, or health practitioner and having no more than one assistant regularly-employed therein.
(.2)   Group Medical, Dental, and Health Practitioner.
A medical, dental, or health practitioner office that does not meet the definition of a sole medical, dental, and health practitioner.
(c)   Government.
Office uses related to the administration of local, state, or federal government services or functions.



   Amended, Bill No. 130764 (approved December 18, 2013).