(5)   Approval Process. 443
No zoning permits for Urban Experiential Displays shall be issued unless the applicant shall have first submitted to the City Planning Commission, and the City Planning Commission, after receipt of a recommendation from the Civic Design Review Committee, shall have:
(a)   Submitted to the Art Commission a recommendation regarding the proposed design and placement of the UED. The City Planning Commission's recommendation shall reflect the Commission's judgment as to whether the particular proposal is appropriate in its scale, density, and character for the surrounding community.
(b)   Approved an executed agreement between the Applicant and a governmental entity (e.g., the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development), which agreement provides for a financial contribution by the Applicant to the governmental entity in the amount of at least one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars ($125,000) per UED per annum in the Base Year, which shall increase in amount not less than four percent (4%) per annum, for so long as the UED remains in operation. The governmental entity may charge the Applicant such reasonable initial and annual administrative fees as may be necessary to administer this subsection (b). The Base Year shall be calendar year 2015. Compliance by the Applicant with the agreement shall be a continuing condition of maintaining the UED at the permitted location. The agreement shall provide to the Commission's satisfaction that:
(.1)   The money is to be used exclusively to fund grants to community organizations to be used by such organizations exclusively for public improvements in the vicinity of the UED and for reasonable operating and maintenance expenses associated with such public improvements.
(.2)   The grant agreements between the government entity and the community organizations shall provide for financial auditing and any other oversight of the use of the grant funds deemed necessary by the City and the government entity.



   Amended, Bill No. 150285 (approved June 18, 2015).