(4)   Use Regulations.
Notwithstanding the provisions of this Zoning Code, lots located in any /TOD Overlay District shall comply with the following use regulations.
(a)   Non-Accessory Parking Garages.
Where non-accessory parking garages are otherwise permitted by the base zoning district, non- accessory parking garages shall require a special exception.
(b)   Active Ground-Floor Uses.
If permitted under the base zoning district, at least one of the following uses is required on the ground floor of any building along the primary frontage:
(.1)   Retail sales;
(.2)   Commercial services;
(.3)   Public, civic, and institutional uses;
(.4)   Office uses; or
(.5)   Enclosed public space, enclosed gardens, public rooms, through-block connections.
(c)   Prohibited Uses and Development.
The following uses are prohibited:
(.1)   Vehicle and vehicular equipment sales and services uses;
(.2)   Wholesale, distribution, and storage uses;
(.3)   Non-accessory surface parking; and
(.4)   Drive-throughs.
(d)   Maximum Number of Dwelling Units. 427.1
For any lot within a CMX-1, CMX-2, CMX-2.5, or RM-1 district, the maximum number of dwelling units permitted is increased by fifty percent (50%).



   Amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).