(3)   Designation.
Any lot that meets the conditions set forth in subsection § 14-513(3)(b) shall be subject to the /TOD, Transit-Oriented Development Overlay District rules of this section.
(a)   Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Transit Station, Designated.
The following transit stations are designated as Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Transit Stations. Any renaming of a station shall not affect its designation herein.
(.1)   46th Street Station (Market-Frankford Line). 424
(.2)   Erie-Torresdale Station (Market-Frankford Line). 425
(.3)   Allegheny Station (Market-Frankford Line). 426
(.4)   Spring Garden Station (Market-Frankford Line). 427
(b)   Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Lots, Designated.
The /TOD Transit-Oriented Development Overlay District shall include any lot lying in whole or in part within 500 linear ft. of any entrance to, or exit from, a TOD Transit Station. The Commission shall maintain a map of all TOD Overlay Districts and shall be responsible for determining whether a given lot lies within the /TOD Overlay District.



   Amended, Bill No. 170986 (approved January 3, 2018).
   Added, Bill No. 180008-A (approved December 11, 2018).
   Added, Bill No. 180008-A (approved December 11, 2018).
   Added, Bill No. 180008-A (approved December 11, 2018).