(3)   Germantown Avenue. 355
(a)   Applicability.
The requirements of this Germantown Avenue /NCA overlay district apply to the subareas within that district set forth as follows and as shown on the following graphic for illustrative purposes only:
(.1)   Chestnut Hill Subarea.
All commercially-zoned properties (except for properties zoned CMX-1) fronting on Germantown Avenue between Chestnut Hill Avenue and Cresheim Valley Drive.
(.2)   Mount Airy Subarea.
All properties fronting on Germantown Avenue between Cresheim Valley Drive and Washington Lane.
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(b)   Chestnut Hill Subarea.
The following standards apply in the Chestnut Hill Subarea:
(.1)   Height.
Buildings may not exceed 38 ft. in height, except that buildings on corner lots with frontage on two or more streets may be up to 45 ft. in height.
(.2)   Limitations on Floor Area Used For Commercial Purposes.
The maximum amount of net leasable area for uses other than residential, parks and open space, and public, civic, and institutional uses shall be:
(.a)   In buildings erected after December 28, 1995: 4,000 sq. ft.
(.b)   In buildings erected on or before December 28, 1995: The greater of 4,000 sq. ft. and the amount of net leasable area existing on December 28, 1995. Any net leasable area used for commercial purposes in excess of 4,000 sq. ft. shall be considered nonconforming.
(.3)   Building Width. 355.1
The maximum width of a building frontage along Germantown Avenue for any newly erected building or existing building to which an addition is added shall be 30 ft.
(c)   Mount Airy Subarea.
The following standards apply within the Mount Airy Subarea:
(.1)   Facade Review.
L&I shall not issue a building permit for the erection of a building or the alteration of facade until the Planning Commission has reviewed the plans of all proposed facades and determined that the proposed facades, in the opinion of the Commission, are in harmony with the Mount Airy Subarea's historic commercial area and pedestrian-oriented environment. The Commission shall have 60 days to approve or disapprove the application, after which its approval will be presumed.
(.2)   Signs.
No sign may be erected or maintained in the Mount Airy Subarea unless approved by the Art Commission. The Art Commission has 60 days to approve or disapprove the application, after which its approval will be presumed.
(.3)   Prohibited Uses.
In addition to uses otherwise prohibited by the Zoning Code, the following uses shall be prohibited:
(.a)   Drive-throughs.
(.b)   Vehicle Equipment and Supplies Sales and Rentals.
(.4)   Ground Floor Uses.
In the CMX-2 and CMX-2.5 district, the following shall not be subject to the provisions set forth in Table Note [3] of Table 14-602-2, which otherwise requires that buildings in CMX-2 or CMX-2.5 zoning districts contain a use other than residential and other than parking along one hundred percent (100%) of the ground floor frontage and within the first 30 ft. of building depth, measured from the front building line:
(.a)   If the lot is bounded by two or more streets, any building frontage that faces a portion of the lot that is not a designated primary frontage.
(.b)   All frontages of buildings that are designated as historic by the Philadelphia Historical Commission and added to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.
(.5)   Parking.
(.a)   In any zoning district, required accessory parking may be provided on a lot separate from the lot on which the principal use is located; provided that the parking complies with the standards of § 14-802(9)(a) through § 14-802(9)(e), as if those provisions applied.
(.b)   Parking for residential uses shall meet the following standards:
(i)   For lots with fewer than 20 dwelling units, there is no required minimum number of parking spaces.
(ii)   For lots with 20 or more dwelling units, parking shall be provided at a minimum ratio of three parking spaces for every ten dwelling units.
(.c)   Off-street surface parking and loading shall not be located between the building line and street line along Germantown Avenue.



   Amended, Bill No. 190256 (approved July 17, 2019).
   Amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021). Enrolled bill erroneously designated this as an amendment to subsection (3)(d); correct subsection amended at the discretion of the Code editor.