(7)   Accessory Signs. 257
(a)   Accessory signs in the SP-INS district shall comply with this § 14-404(7) and applicable provisions of Chapter 14-900 (Signs).
(b)   Signs accessory to office, retail sales, or commercial services uses in the SP-INS district shall comply with the CMX-2 sign controls set forth in § 14-904(2) (Controls Applicable to Specific Zoning Districts 258 ).
(c)   Signs accessory to uses other than office, retail sales, and commercial services shall be permitted in accordance with the following limitations and conditions:
(.1)   Only wall, marquee, and freestanding signs are permitted. Signs shall not extend over a public right-of-way.
(.2)   Sign area of any sign shall not exceed 64 sq. ft.
(.3)   Non-commercial directional signs for pedestrians or automobiles shall be exempt from subsections (.1) and (.2), above, provided each individual sign does not exceed a maximum sign area of 25 sq. ft. and does not exceed a maximum height of six ft. Logos are permitted on directional signs, provided they do not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total sign area. Static illumination shall be permitted. Animated illumination and digital displays shall be prohibited.



   Amended, Bill No. 120430-A (approved January 14, 2013).
   Revised by Code editor to conform to subsection's caption.