(1)   Enforcement.
In order to administer and enforce the provisions of this Zoning Code, L&I and the Water Department shall have the power to take any of the following actions, individually or in combination, and in any order. L&I's decision to take one of the listed actions shall not prevent it from taking additional listed actions in the future.
(a)   Inspections.
(.1)   L&I may conduct inspections to determine compliance with the provisions of this Zoning Code.
(.2)   L&I is authorized to administer the enforcement actions of this § 14-306(1)(a) (Inspections) to remedy a violation resulting from a non-compliant stormwater system. The Water Department may conduct inspections of stormwater systems to determine compliance with the applicable provisions of this Zoning Code. The Water Department shall notify L&I of a violation of this Zoning Code that results from a non-compliant stormwater system.
(.3)   In connection with the inspections of this § 14-306(1)(a) (Inspections), an authorized representative of L&I or the Water Department may enter into and upon and may inspect any land or structure during normal daylight working hours. The owner and occupants of the land or structure shall grant access to L&I or the Water Department for inspection pursuant to Section A-401.2.2 of the Administrative Code.
(b)   Compliance Order to Property Owner.
L&I may make orders requiring an owner or occupant to comply with the provisions of this Zoning Code within 30 days of receipt of the violation notice or such other time as L&I shall prescribe in the violation notice. Such orders shall be served in accordance with the procedures established by Title 4, Subcode "A" (The Philadelphia Administrative Code). If the order is not complied with, L&I is authorized to take action to enforce compliance.
(c)   Compliance Order to Permit Holder.
L&I may serve a written notice of violation on the holder of a zoning permit or whenever L&I determines that any person has violated any condition of that zoning permit. The notice shall state the nature of the violation and shall require the holder of the zoning permit to comply with all the requirements of the zoning permit within 30 days of receipt of the notice of violation, or such other time as L&I may prescribe in the notice. If at the expiration of the time afforded for compliance the violation has not been corrected, L&I may revoke the zoning permit. L&I shall serve the notice of violation and revocation of any zoning permit in accordance with § 14-306(1)(b) (Compliance Order to Property Owner) above.
(d)   Suspension or Revocation of Permit or Approval.
A zoning permit or approval under this Zoning Code may be suspended or revoked by L&I for the reasons listed below. A suspended permit shall be reinstated by L&I when it finds, after inspection, that the conditions or violations that resulted in permit suspension have been corrected. Reasons for suspension or revocation of a permit or approval are:
(.1)   Non-compliance with or failure to implement any provision of the permit or approval (including any plan approved as part of the permit);
(.2)   A violation of any provision of this Zoning Code, or any other applicable law or regulation relating to the activity for which the permit is required; or
(.3)   The creation of any condition or the commission of any act during the activity for which the permit is required that constitutes or creates a hazard or nuisance, or that endangers the life or property of others.
(e)   Cease Operations Order. 247
(.1)   Issuance of a Cease Operations Order.
L&I may issue a cease operations order directing that occupancy, use, and other activities cease immediately, and that the premises be vacated pending compliance with the cease operations order in accordance with Section A-505 of the Philadelphia Administrative Code.
(f)   Abatement of Signs.
(.1)   Whenever any sign is erected or maintained in violation of the provisions of Chapter 14-900 or related regulations issued by L&I, L&I shall serve a written notice requiring the violator to bring the sign into compliance within 30 days of receipt of that notice. If the violation has not been corrected within 30 days, L&I may by itself or by contract remove the violating sign or, if it may be done with less expense, bring the sign into compliance. A pending appeal shall not stay enforcement other than as provided in § 14-303(15)(a)(.7). The costs incurred by L&I shall be charged against the sign owner and the Law Department may take any action to collect those costs from the owner authorized by law at the time of the violation. No permit for any similar sign at that place shall be granted until those costs have been paid to the City. Within 15 days after removal of any sign pursuant to these regulations, the owner may reclaim any materials salvaged by L&I after payment of the cost of removal incurred by L&I.
(.2)   Notwithstanding the provisions of § 14-306(1)(f)(.1), if any violation of Chapter 14-900 results in an immediate peril to persons or property, L&I may require immediate compliance. If the owner does not immediately comply with the provisions of Chapter 14-900 creating the risk of peril, L&I may without any additional notice, and in addition to any other remedies available in this Zoning Code (a) correct the violation itself, or contract to have the violation corrected by a third party, and recover the costs and allow salvage of materials as described in § 14-306(1)(f)(.1), or (b) apply with the approval of the Law Department to any Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia for relief by injunction or restraining order.



   Amended, Bill No. 161003-A (approved May 8, 2017).