(4)   General Requirements.
(a)   A nonconformity may continue following any amendment to this or any prior Zoning Code that creates a condition in which a use, structure, parking area, site improvement, lot, or sign has been made nonconforming.
(b)   Any rights conferred on a nonconformity run with the property. They are not affected by changes in tenancy or ownership.
(c)   The operation, expansion, and replacement of a nonconformity shall be subject to the limitations in this § 14-305 (Nonconformities).
(d)   The burden of establishing the prior existence of a nonconformity is on the applicant. When applying for any permit or approval relating to a nonconformity, L&I may require the applicant to submit evidence of a prior permit or other documentation showing that the nonconformity existed before the date on which it became nonconforming.