(10)   Water Department.
(a)   General Authority.
The Water Department is established by Section 3-100 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.
(b)   Review Authority.
The Water Department provides prerequisite approvals for zoning and building permits regarding:
(.1)   Stormwater runoff, erosion, and sedimentation impacts. See § 14-704(3) (Stormwater Management).
(.2)   Requests for additional impervious surfaces in the /WWO overlay district. See § 14-510 (/WWO, Wissahickon Watershed Overlay District).
(.3)   Review of anticipated stormwater discharge for developments covered by § 14-507(12) (Optional Special Standards, Review, and Exemptions). 151
(.4)   Review of stormwater management systems for developments that seek to earn a Stormwater Management bonus. See § 14-702(14) (Stormwater Management). 152



   Added, Bill No. 190811-A (approved December 30, 2019).
   Added, Bill No. 190811-A (approved December 30, 2019).