(9)   Streets Department.
(a)   General Authority.
The Streets Department is established by Section 3-100 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and has those powers set forth in Title 11 and Title 12 of The Philadelphia Code.
(b)   Prerequisite Approval Authority.
The Streets Department provides prerequisite approvals for:
(.1)   Zoning permits regarding open-air parking that provides spaces for more than three vehicles as required by § 14-803(4)(a)(.3) (Approval by the Streets Department).
(.2)   Parking elements of SP-ENT master plans. See § 14-405 (SP-ENT, Entertainment (Special Purpose) District).
(.3)   Parking elements of SP-STA master plans. See § 14-406 (SP-STA, Sports Stadium (Special Purpose) District).
(.4)   Building permits regarding parking garages in RMX-3, CMX-3, CMX-4, and CMX-5 districts and parking garages of at least 250 parking spaces on lots in or adjacent to any other residential or commercial district. See § 14-803(4)(b)(.4) (Parking Garage Review). 150
(.5)   Zoning permits regarding bicycle parking facilities in the public right-of-way that are proposed to satisfy the bicycle parking requirements of § 14-804 (Bicycle Parking).



   Amended, Bill No. 120774-A (approved January 14, 2013); amended, Bill No. 150766 (approved December 8, 2015).