(8)   Art Commission.
(a)   General Authority. 147.4
The Art Commission is established by Sections 3-100 and 3-910 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and has those powers set forth in Section 4-606 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.
(b)   Prerequisite Approval Authority.
The Art Commission provides prerequisite approvals for:
(.1)   Building permits regarding the erection or alteration of any building or other construction, including open spaces, abutting the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Area or the Independence Hall Area of the /CTR overlay district as set forth in § 14-502(8) (Special Review Areas).
(.2)   Zoning permits regarding signs in the following areas:
(.a)   The Convention Center Area, Center City Commercial Area, Parkway Buffer, South Street/Head House Square Area, Vine Street Area, Washington Square, and Independence Hall Area of the /CTR overlay district, as set forth in § 14-502(7) (Sign Regulations);
(.b)   Reserved; and 148
(.c)   The Cobbs Creek Parkway, Roosevelt Boulevard Area, and Fairmount Park Area set forth in § 14-904(4) (Special Controls for Cobbs Creek, Roosevelt Boulevard, and Department of Parks and Recreation Land) 149 .
(.3)   Zoning permits regarding public art submitted to meet the requirements of § 14-405 (SP-ENT, Entertainment (Special Purpose) District).
(.4)   Zoning permits regarding public art submitted to meet floor area bonus provisions of § 14-702 (Floor Area Bonuses).



   Amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).
   Subsection (8)(b)(.2)(.b) originally read "The Passyunk Avenue area of the /NCA overlay district set forth in § 14-503(5) (Passyunk Avenue)", but § 14-503(5) was repealed by Bill No. 120430-A; deleted by Code editor.
   Cross-reference previously read § 14-904(7) (Signs Requiring Special Review and Approval); updated by Code editor.