§ 12-2803.  Delegation of Functions, Powers and Duties to The Philadelphia Parking Authority.
   In addition to such other functions, powers and duties as have been delegated to the Philadelphia Parking Authority (the "Parking Authority") by statute or ordinance, or by other provisions of this Chapter, the Parking Authority shall have the following functions, powers and duties in connection with the administrative adjudication system established by this Chapter:
   (1)   To receive and process answers to charges of alleged violations and to refer contested answers to the Finance Director's Office for hearing and determination;
   (2)   To provide administrative, cashiering and data processing support to the Finance Director's Office and to compile and maintain complete and accurate records relating to all charges, dispositions made and payments received by the Finance Director's Office; and
   (3)   To send notices, as required, on behalf of the Finance Director's Office, of orders determining liability, notices to appear, decisions and other actions of the Finance Director's Office.