§ 12-2501.  Definitions.
   (1)   Snow. Any precipitation depositing any accumulations on the streets including snow, sleet, hail, ice and freezing rain.
   (2)   Emergency Coordinator. Any City employee designated from time to time by the Managing Director as the Emergency Coordinator.
   (3)   Snow Emergency. A state of highway conditions that are hazardous and dangerous to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and so declared by the Emergency Coordinator.
   (4)   Snow Emergency Routes. All streets in the City so designated and marked.
   (5)   Chains. Full chains, strap chains or other types of chains mounted on both rear wheels of a motorized vehicle.
   (6)   Snow Tires. Tires having treads designed for use in snow, which tires must be in such condition as to serve the purpose for which they are designed.
   (7)   Vehicles. All self-propelled motorized vehicles using City streets and highways including taxicabs, but excluding other public transportation conveyances.